Military Art


Killed in Action
The Eagle, "America" locks her wings and flies above adversity. She also bows her head and rests to honor her fallen. She is humbled by the gravity of their sacrifice.

Silhouetted in Black she mourns. With Golden Tears she cries for us all. Our loved ones will not return.

The shape of loving wings form the vision of a Heart against a Purple Background. The Broken Wing, her hero's mortal wound reveals a Golden Star, those Killed in Action.

The Olive Branch is the symbol of peace. Peace can only exist where there is freedom. Our warriors who fell on land, sea, and air fell in defense of our freedom.

The Cross... As we note the rows of crosses that mark the graves of our fallen, remember
Some Gave All. Their deaths are final. Their memory and the freedom they defended is an everlasting flame.

Just as that Flame lights our world with Freedom the "i" reminds us that they were killed in the fearful fury of battle, so we may live in peace and safety from the dark oppression of foreign enemies.

They Gave All.. They are true Heroes.

-Cheryl Ann Roberts-